Hourly Estimated Operating Cost

Hourly Estimated Cost include the cost of labor and parts needed for routine, daily servicing of the equipment. This includes repairing and/or replacing small components such as pumps, carburetors, injectors, filters, belts, gaskets, and worn lines plus the cost of operating expendables. These include fuel, computed in accordance with horsepower, average load factors, and the price of fuel; lubricants, including filters, oil, and grease, as well as the labor involved in lubrication; tires; and ground engaging components, including pads, blades, bucket teeth, etc. Tire costs are calculated by average tire life factors and take into consideration typical discounts from list prices. Electricity costs (where applicable) are calculated according to generally accepted duty cycles for the total motor load.

Hourly Rental Rate for Equipment (modified by the Rate Adjustment factors when applicable)

Rate for attachments (where applicable)

Estimated Operating Cost

Mechanic’s Wage (including fringe benefits)

Costs for any additional operating or maintenance personnel required

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