Market Popularity

Market Popularity is a proprietary metric calculated by EquipmentWatch to determine a model’s popularity relative to other models within the same equipment category.

2016-06-28 15_02_45-Deere 710J Specs _ Tractor-Loader-Backhoes

Popularity is calculated using transactional data collected within a rolling 12-month period.  After finding the unit volume for each model, a percentile-based distribution is created for the entire category.  Based on the number of records observed, the model will fall into one of 5 percentiles of the distribution.  Each percentile corresponds with one of the popularity levels shown below.


Market Popularity Levels:

  • Rare – to 20%
  • Uncommon – 21% to 40%
  • Common – 41% to 60%
  • Popular – 61% to 80%
  • Very Popular – above 80%


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