My Account

Introduction to My Account

You can manage your subscription and global adjustment preferences using My Account. To get started, click  account-button-only in the top right of the page. You will immediately be shown your subscription status at-a-glance. Click on the 'My Account' text to be taken into the full interface.


Updating Account Details

Click 'Edit' in the profile section of My Account to update your account details. Use this interface to change your password or make updates to your personal information.

Viewing Your Subscription

All current subscriptions along with expiration dates will appear in My Account. You can renew or purchase additional subscriptions from this interface.


Setting Global Adjustments

Global adjustment preferences allow you to set adjustments that will be automatically applied to all model detail pages across EquipmentWatch. For Cost Recovery and Values, you also have the ability to freeze the data presented within a particular time range by setting the Rate Effective Period.

Note: Adjustments for saved models made at the model- or group-level will override the global preference.

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