Model Upload


Model Upload

Use the Upload feature to add existing fleet data to your EquipmentWatch account quickly and conveniently.  The file containing your fleet data must have a .csv file extension and contain the following information for each model:

  • A unique ID - using the unit’s serial number is recommended
  • Manufacturer name
  • Model name

Other information can also be added, but these fields are optional:

  • Model year
  • Serial number
  • Meter reads (hours, miles, or kilometers)
  • Original price
  • Notes

CSV TEMPLATE: Download the .csv template file for model upload process

Select an Upload File

To begin, browse your computer and select the file you wish to upload.  After you select the file, the upload will begin automatically.




Step 1: Identify Fields

The upload feature reads column headers and attempts to match them to one of the eight EquipmentWatch columns shown below.  If your column name cannot be matched automatically, select the appropriate EquipmentWatch column from the list.  To move on the the next field, click the "NEXT COLUMN" button.



When all of the columns from your upload file have been assigned to an EquipmentWatch column, click "PROCEED."



Step 2: Identify Manufacturers

Next, review the manufacturer names from your input file.  If they match known manufacturers covered by EquipmentWatch, the Identification field will be populated with the manufacturer name.

If the manufacturer name is not recognized, the text "Skip this manufacturer" is displayed.  If you continue without making changes, any records with this manufacturer name will not be imported.



To add the correct manufacturer name, click on the field and begin entering the manufacturer name.  Manufacturers will be suggested in a  drop-down menu, and you can select the correct one.  When you have finished identifying manufacturers, click "PROCEED" at the bottom of the table.




Step 3: Identify Models

Model names will also be matched to EquipmentWatch models if possible.  If a model name cannot be matched, you have the option to skip the model or to search for the corresponding EquipmentWatch model.




After identifying or editing any remaining models, click "PROCEED."



Review and Finish

When all columns, manufacturers, and models have been matched, review the results.  Any rows that have been skipped appear first, and these will not be uploaded.  The models that will successfully be added are automatically added to All Saved Models.  To add them to a specific group, click "ADD TO GROUP" and select the group name.


When you are ready to complete the upload process, click "CONFIRM."  The page redirects to All Saved Models, where you can view your fleet.

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