June Update: Do More With Custom Models! - EquipmentWatch

June Update: Do More With Custom Models!

Improvements to Custom Models

June 16, 2017 – The EquipmentWatch Cost Recovery product (also known as the Rental Rate Blue Book) is the industry standard for ownership & operating costs. Covering more than 17,000 equipment models, it’s the most comprehensive guide in the industry. But even with that many models in our product, we can’t cover everything. That’s why EquipmentWatch let’s you create Custom Models.

The Custom Models feature lets you add rates and values to your Saved Models and Groups for models that aren’t currently covered by EquipmentWatch. And with the latest release you now have the ability to edit and export PDFs for all Custom Models. Here’s how it works:

1. Locate the All Saved Models Page

The All Saved Models page is where you will create your custom models.

2. Create Your Custom Model

Click the blue CUSTOM button at the top-right to create a new custom model. Enter as much detail as you need into the available inputs and click CONFIRM to save your custom model.

3. New! Edit & Export to PDF

We heard you loud and clear… you want the ability to edit your custom models and you need the ability to create printable reports on demand. Now both of those features are available. Click on the model name at any time from All Saved Models to edit your model’s data. Click the printer icon on the top-right corner to generate a PDF based on the information you’ve inputted.


We hope the new custom model functionality improves your EquipmentWatch experience! Now we’d love to hear from you. How will you use the new custom models? What’s on your wish-list for future EquipmentWatch releases? Email us and let us know!


Greg Lutz
Director, Product & Marketing
[email protected]