Saving Models in EquipmentWatch

Introduction to Saving Models

The ability to save models allows you to leverage the full potential of EquipmentWatch as a powerful asset management and reporting tool. Some of the benefits of saving models:

  • Storing model adjustments (e.g. age, meter reads, cost factors, etc.) at the individual asset level
  • Quickly locating saved models in Search and All Saved Models
  • Creating Groups of saved models in order to run custom reports
  • For accounts with multiple users, the ability to collaborate on the same set of saved models (Contact your account representative to enable this feature)

How to Save Models

There are three options for saving models in EquipmentWatch:

1. Model Upload

The Model Upload feature is the fastest way to import many assets into EquipmentWatch. See the Model Upload product guide for a detailed tutorial.

2.  Saving from Model Detail Pages

You can save a model by clicking add-button  located at the top-right corner of any Model Detail Page (Costs, Values & Market Data, Verification, Retail Rental, Specs) . This will add the asset to All Saved Models along with any entered adjustments. Upon clicking to save, you will have the option to automatically add the asset to any pre-existing group and/or modify the auto-generating UniqueID. Click save once you are satisfied with your choices.


Click  save-button on the Model Detail Page update any changes for a saved asset (e.g. meter reads, cost factors, etc.)

3. Saving from Search

You can save models directly from search results by clicking the 'ADD TO' button. This method allows you to quickly add models to All Saved Models or a pre-existing Group.


The All Saved Models Interface

Every saved model (regardless of Group affiliation) will appear in the All Saved Models interface. There are four primary functions within the interface:

  • Navigating to the Model Detail Page

Clicking the Unique ID of any saved asset will take you to the Model Detail Page for that model.


Tip: Once on the Model Detail Page, you can toggle views between any affiliated Groups:


  • Creating a Group from Saved Models

Groups help you organize your saved models. Once in a group you will be able to adjust and report on all models quickly and easily. To create a new group, select one or models in the All Saved Models interface and clicking create-add-button.

Tip: Use the search bar to quickly find models for group addition:


Enter a name for your new group and select confirm to create your group. Optionally you may set a location for your group during this process, but be aware that this group-level adjustment will override any adjustment previously saved on the Model Detail Page when viewed in this group.

  • Creating a Custom Model

Custom Models allow you to save assets not covered by EquipmentWatch. Select the 'CUSTOM' button and complete the form to store your custom model in All Saved Models. Please note that custom models can not be updated once created. Changes are only possible by replacing with a new custom model.


  • Creating Composites

Composite Equipment is a unique feature of All Saved Models, that allows for multiple pieces of equipment to be combined or bundled into a single piece of equipment. For example, a Cost Recovery rate for a crawler crane, a pile driver, pile driving leads, and a spotter, can all be combined into a single piece of equipment. Rates for each specific item are saved, and then totaled.

To create a composite, select at least two items from your All Saved Models and click 'COMPOSITE'


On the next screen choose a primary model for the composite. This will be the model shown when viewing the Model Detail Page for the composite. Clicking 'SAVE' will complete the composite creation process.


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