Our New Podcast Approach Focuses on Customers

The new Podcast format provides a glimpse into real-life industry use cases from companies like yours.

Ever wonder what real EquipmentWatch users are saying about us? Outside of reading EquipmentWatch customer testimonials, case studies, and FTC-regulated reviews for our software, we realized there was much more opportunity to provide transparency behind our products and our business as a whole. To help further support this initiative, we decided to completely revamp our Podcast approach to feature leading heavy equipment professionals much like yourselves.  

If you’ve listened before, you’ll remember our former Podcast format mostly highlighted heavy equipment industry insights and EquipmentWatch product updates. Great content, but it was time for a refresh. How did we determine what this would looked like?

“How about interviews with avid users of the software?” suggested one colleague.

And thus, “EquipmentWatch Podcasts: The Customer Series” was born.

Now more than ever, Equipmentwatch is focused on putting the customer first. The beauty behind all this? It’s YOU, the reader and end user, who’s benefiting the most. We’re the first to admit what we’re well known for – Rental Rate Blue Book. But what else do you know about our products? If you’re not familiar with our other offerings, this new Podcast series is an easy way to learn more.

Tim Giggee of Covia Corp kicks off the first-ever customer-focused Podcast. Tim oversees 45 job sites and uses our data to determine market values, understand fleet and asset disposition, and equip himself with O&O cost data (just to mention a few ways he leverages EquipmentWatch’s web app). Learn how he applies these tools to his company’s unique use cases. Get the full story in just around 15 minutes by listening at one of the below links.

Our New Podcast Approach Focuses on Customers