EquipmentWatch Search 2.0 To Launch March 22

The entire search experience as you know it will change. Sign up for training today!

You’ve seen an invite to give it a try in the corner of your EquipmentWatch application for months. Now it’s finally time to launch. The new EquipmentWatch search experience, Search 2.0, is going live on Friday, March 22. Here’s everything you need to know as an EquipmentWatch customer.


Training Webinars

We’re hosting a series of four live training webinars held between March 14th – March 22nd. The entire EquipmentWatch team highly encourages you to take advantage of these training webinars. Find the most convenient day/time for you and register today. Even if you can’t attend live, go ahead and sign up – We’ll send you the recorded training session after the webinar wraps.

Product Guides & Training Videos

We’re also updating all of the EquipmentWatch Product Guides, starting with a dedicated Search 2.0 Product Guide. By March 22, expect all Product Guides to contain Search 2.0 updated information, inclusive of a new addition we’re excited to introduce – personally guided training videos.

Email Communications

We can’t stress this one enough – Keep an eye on your inbox! Important email communications will be shared from our team regarding critical Search 2.0 updates. You’ll find everything you need to know in these emails including:

  • Search 2.0 countdown + launch date reminders
  • Links to important customer training resources
  • Direct contact information to your dedicated rep for 1-on-1 inquiries
  • And more

Why We’re Making The Change To Search 2.0

In case you missed it, we published a Product Blog explaining the major search experience overhaul. We recommend reading the full article here. For a cliff notes version, here’s a quick summary.

We’ve identified several areas of improvement through customer conversations, including:

  • The current search is too complex. Not intuitive.
  • There’s no good way to search by category or search for non-brand-specific models.

Too often users successfully find their model via search, only to find out that we don’t carry the data they need for that model.
Search 2.0 is our way of addressing this feedback.

Your Homework

  1. Keep an eye out for those important email communications.
  2. Prioritize attending a Search 2.0 customer training webinar!
  3. Ensure others within your company who also have EquipmentWatch subscriptions are aware of this major product update.


Questions? Reach out to me directly.

Erin C. Kadzis
Product Marketing Manager – EquipmentWatch
[email protected]
770 618 0123