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See How the Industry is Leveraging EquipmentWatch APIs

Point of Rental users will now have instant access to rich, detailed specifications for heavy equipment by leveraging the EquipmentWatch API

The EquipmentWatch team is excited to announce a new integration with Point of Rental Software, a leading provider of smart, scalable rental and inventory management software to thousands of businesses and rental operations.

Before using EquipmentWatch, Point of Rental users spent hours researching product information and combing through manufacturer websites for data. “EquipmentWatch was incredibly helpful when I was running Nickell Rental,” added Josh Nickell, Point of Rental’s Director of Global Strategy, who helped facilitate the integration. “I’m excited for our users to be able to use it within their software – I know my teams working directly with contractors would have loved to have easy access to this information. It will save them a ton of time as there’s no longer a need to search through manufacturer websites.”

By integrating The EquipmentWatch specifications API into their software, rental consultants are now able to see detailed specifications when looking at item records. This makes it easier to determine which items will be the proper size, weight or horsepower to get the job done. Consultants are able to cut their time in half while increasing customer satisfaction.

“We’re excited to bring our wealth of information to a new group of people,” said EquipmentWatch vice president, Garrett Schemmel. “Point of Rental is a well-known leader in the global rental market and we look forward to helping their rental customers save significant time in their software workflow.”

The EquipmentWatch API is more than just rich heavy equipment specs- our full APIs suite includes data benchmarks we are known for such as ownership & operating costs, retail rental rates, serial number verification and equipment values (FMV, OLV, FLV) as well as data attributes including asset utilization, market popularity, value trending and raw market transactions:


If you’re interested in learning more about integrating EquipmentWatch data directly into your software or application, schedule a demo of our API solutions today.


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