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Traction Virtual Bootcamp Course Preview #4: Data Driven Disposition

TVB is included in your EquipmentWatch subscription!

As part of your online subscription, EquipmentWatch is providing a series of online product training webinars on Thursday, October 11th. We’re calling it Traction Virtual Bootcamp, and we hope you’ll join us! The 5 courses we’re offering are complimentary to all EquipmentWatch customers. See the full course schedule and register today.

AEMP members also get free access & continuing education credits

Like EquipmentWatch customers, AEMP members are also granted complimentary access to TVB. Learn more about how AEMP members get continuing education credits by attending.

TVB Course Preview #4 – Data Driven Disposition – How to make the optimal disposition decision

Leading up to the event, we’re supplying you with a quick video and blog post detailing what each TVB course entails. Find the previous 3 course preview below:

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Check out this video to see what Data Driven Disposition is all about.

Video: EquipmentWatch’s Elise Gregory, Senior Industry Analyst & Erin C. Kadzis, Product Marketing ManagerManager

Our top analysts, Elise Gregory & Sam Giffin, are the resident experts when it comes to disposition calculation. Their individual expertise in Cost and Values data analysis comes together to create a Disposition Analysis Dream Team, which is exactly why they’re qualified to lead this TVB course.

After speaking with Elise for today’s video, I caught up with Sam. He had a few things to add about the Data Driven Disposition course. “We’re looking forward to providing not only an important conversation surrounding disposition, but also helping out our audience by sending them home with disposition calculations they can execute on their own. We’ll also hear some anecdotes from real EquipmentWatch users who use our software to calculate disposition in their everyday work.”

Traction Virtual Bootcamp | Data Driven Disposition – How to make the optimal disposition decision
Thursday, October 11th at 2pm ET

Take advantage of these trainings led by top members of the EquipmentWatch team and a guest panel of industry experts. Even if you consider yourself a proficient user, we’re confident we’ll teach you something you didn’t know, making your subscription that much more significant to your entire organization.

Learn more about Traction Virtual Bootcamp and register for your product training courses today.

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