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Introduction to Specifications

Specs provides essential specification data for heavy equipment.  Formerly known as SpecFinder, Specs is a powerful tool for comparison, general research, and decision making.


Manufacturer publications are the main source of specification data.  For a single model, manufacturers typically offer different options that can change the operating characteristics or dimensions.  Specs lists the basic or most common configuration for the selected model.

While every effort has been made to assure the accuracy of the information listed, EquipmentWatch does not accept responsibility for absolute accuracy.  Any questions regarding this information should be referred to the manufacturer.



Viewing Specifications

Specs is designed for quick access to key specifications.  For ease-of-use, specifications are grouped together into categories like “Engine,” “Axles & Tires,” and “Weights & Dimensions.”  Units of measurement are included where appropriate.   If no data is available, “N/A” may be shown


Printing Specifications

To print a model’s specifications, click the printer icon underneath the Specs tab.


Exporting Specifications

To export specifications to a PDF, click the download button.


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