May Update: Collaborate with colleagues! (+9 more improvements to know about) - EquipmentWatch

May Update: Collaborate with colleagues! (+9 more improvements to know about)

Here’s What’s New in May

May 23, 2017Just weeks after releasing the new OLV functionality, our development team has turned around another big update to the EquipmentWatch platform. The May update introduces a number of improvements and fixes, but we’re most excited to reveal that collaboration is now available to all customers who want to share access to EquipmentWatch data with their peers. More on that and the other new features and fixes below:


1. Collaboration is now available

Democratize equipment data across your organization! With the new collaboration feature, everyone can work together on the same set of saved models and groups at the same time. No more sharing fleets back and forth.

Contact your account executive to learn more and enable collaboration.

2. More market data available

We made improvements to our ETL process that allow analysts to bring additional data into the application each month. The result: you’ll now see even more resale market observations in the Market Activity module. We also made a change so that serial numbers display in csv exports from Market Activity.

Try it out today or view the Market Activity product guide.

3. Identify and correct model years during upload

Uploading a spreadsheet of equipment is the fastest way to get lots of models into the application. In the past, some users ran into problems when they uploaded a model year that fell outside of our introduced or discontinued dates. We made a change so that problematic model years get corrected to the closest model year manufactured.

Try the improved upload module or check out the upload product guide.

4. Improved PDF exports

We’ve added watermarks to all PDF exports from EquipmentWatch, so you never have to question whether a document is the real deal. We also added city & state (when selected) to Cost Recovery PDF exports.

Resolved Bugs

The following items have been resolved in the latest EquipmentWatch release:

1. Year adjustments don’t display for all models in Cost Recovery – Adjusted Rate group reports

2. Changing location on Values page results in ‘No Data Available’

3. Group reports need to always account for the models selected within a group

4. Cannot change configuration for chain saws

5. Searching “John Deere” does not return “Deere” models

6. Some serial numbers not returning search results as expected


We hope these updates improve your experience! Now we’d love to hear from you. How will you use the new collaboration feature? What’s on your wish-list for future EquipmentWatch releases? Email us and let us know!


Greg Lutz
Director, Product & Marketing
[email protected]