Creating Groups & Reports

If you’re new to EquipmentWatch and just starting out working within, please review how to begin your experience using the Search 2.0 Product Guide.

Introduction to Groups

Groups let you leverage EquipmentWatch as a powerful asset management and reporting tool. Formerly known as Fleet Manager, this features allows you to organize models, apply or update adjustments and run rich reports on the full set (or subset) of models within the group. Some common uses for Groups include:

  • Fleet Management (full and project-based)
  • Rate Group Creation
  • Financial Portfolio Management
  • Inventory Management / Reprice
  • Competitive Model Tracking
  • Insurance Policy / Risk Management

Once setup is complete, you'll also be able to share your groups with other EquipmentWatch users externally or collaborate in near real-time with other users in your organization (contact your account executive to enable this feature).


Creating a New Group

New groups can be created by either of the following methods:

Once a new group is created it will appear in the Group Manager interface.

Managing Groups

Groups are managed using Group Manager, accessible from the left navigation menu. Once in Group Manager, click on any Group Name to access your Group. To delete one or more Groups, select the checkbox on the left of the table and click delete.

Note: Models included in a deleted group will remain in All Saved Models

Sharing a Group

Group Manager lets you share a Group with any other EquipmentWatch user. Simply select the Group you want to share using the checkbox and click share. Enter the email address of the EquipmentWatch user you want to share your group and click SHARE.


Note that the recipient email address must be associated with their EquipmentWatch account to succeed. When successfully shared, the recipient will receive an email notification and the the shared group will be made available within their Group Manager interface. The shared group must be accepted before appearing in Group Manager.


Running Group Reports

Generate reports to instantly update data for your entire group of models. Once generated, most reports are available for both PDF and CSV export. The following reports are available to generate:

  • Basic Fleet: This report lists equipment detail information for each piece of equipment in the group.
  • Rental Rate Blue Book – Usage (aka Cost Recovery): This report lists Rental Rate Blue Book ownership & operating rates along with FHWA or Adjusted Hourly Rate. Total costs can be calculated by inputting number of hours worked for each asset so the report is already prepped for cost reimbursement.
  • Rental Rate Blue Book – Adjusted Rate (aka Cost Recovery): This report lists Rental Rate Blue Book adjusted rates for each piece of equipment in the group along with adjustment factors only.
  • Custom Cost Evaluator – Usage (aka Internal Charge Rate): This report lists hourly ownership & operating costs based on 24 customizable factors. Total costs can be calculated by inputting number of hours worked for each asset.
  • Custom Cost Evaluator – Hourly Cost (aka Internal Charge Rate): This report provides a breakdown of cost elements that make up the Internal Charge Rate hourly cost.
  • AED Green Book – Rental Rates (aka Retail Rental): This report lists monthly, weekly and daily retail rental rates along with any saved adjustments for included models.
  • Green Guide – Values: This report lists Resale (FMV) and Auction (FLV) values along with saved adjustments for included models.


Tip: To run a report for only a subset of models within your group, select multiple models using the checkbox before clicking GENERATE REPORT.

Setting Up Group Preferences

When working within an individual group, you'll often want to set group-level adjustments that will apply to all models in the group. To do so, click the group-prefs button and enter all relevant adjustments. Not that group adjustments will override any adjustments set at the Model Detail or Global level.

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