Rate Groups & Reports

If you’re new to EquipmentWatch and just starting out working within app.equipmentwatch.com, please review how to begin your experience using the Search 2.0 Product Guide.

Introduction to Rate Group Reports

The Rate Group Report is a new tool that determines average ownership & operating costs by size class. The data is based on your fleet or specifically selected pieces of equipment saved within your Group Manager. It’s designed for Fleet Managers with Internal Rental Centers and aimed at helping Contractors better manage their internal fleet of equipment.

Uploading Your Fleet & Saved Models

To begin leveraging Rate Group Reports, you’ll want to start by accomplishing one or more of the following options:

  1. If you haven’t already, uploaded your entire fleet or fleet groups: Creating Groups & Reports
  2. You can also save your specific fleet models by following these steps:  Model Uploads
  3. If you’re not ready to upload your own fleet or models, you can pull from our database and add them to the “All Saved Models” section of the application:  Saving Models

How to Use Rate Group Report

  1. Create Your Groups
    Follow the above Fleet & Saved Model option(s) that best suits your needs to get started. Once completed, your groups will appear in the Group Manager interface.

  1. Select Your Equipment Group
    Simply choose which group you’re ready to work with by clicking into the appropriate “Group Name.”

  1. Adjust your preferences
    When working within an individual group, you'll often want to set group-level adjustments that will apply to all models in the group. To do so, click “Adjust Preferences” in the top right hand corner to enter all relevant adjustments.

  1. Generate Rate Group Report
    Hit “Generate Report” within Rate Group Report to view data.

  1. View & Export Data
    Once inside the Rate Group Report, the software automatically classifies every asset by category, subtype, and size class. You also have the option to export your file as a PDF and CSV.

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